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Monday, September 17, 2007

An eventful 2 weeks

It seems like I haven't made a post in ages. Much has happened. I found out that I will need to have surgery on my knee to repair torn cartilige. In a way I'm looking forward to it in the hope tht the pain will end. As a bonus, I'll have some time to work on making jewelry. I hope to get an inventory built up so I can list regularly on etsy, even if I don't have time to make many pieces. Soon I will have 2 IEPs to write and they can be time consuming and there will be a firm deadline. During that time, jewery making will definitely be on the back burner. Another bonus is that I will get time (unpaid) off from the deli.

School is going quite well most days. One of the students got a personal care assistant and having an extra adult makes things less stressful.

My husband and I went to my 35th high school reunion. It is the first one that I have gone to. I was able to recognize most of the girls, but the guys were another matter. I said it was because the girls still had their hair. Looking at those I graduated with, I've aged fairly well. That made me feel pretty good.

My sister and I went to the attorney who is preparing our inheritance tax forms. The amount of paper involved is unbelieveable. The forms have to be mailed in duplicate and each set is at least 1/4" thick. We owe some, but we paid most of it in March to get a discount and we saved over $500. Now all that has to be done is to complete the income tax return for the estate and pay all the taxes that are due from the estate, which is in addition to inheritance tax.

The biggest news is that I finally had my first sale on etsy! The feeling is wonderful and I am on cloud 9. Maybe since I've had a sale I'll gain some momentum. At least, now I feel the desire to be creative and make jewelry reawakening within me.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The first week of school is over, and it was a good week!

The first week of school this year was so much better than the first week last year. The deli was a problem this week, but I went to the store manager before I began work (the best defense is a good offense) and things went OK.

My crafting, and therefore Etsy, has stagnated since I went on vacation. I'm now trying to create a backlog of inventory so that I can list something regularly, even if I don't have time to create new items. Since I'm off tomorrow I plan on taking pictures of what I have finished. I'm also going to write the descriptions and save them in Word, so listing will be a pretty quick process. On the bright side, I've sold another piece locally. At least I now have the desire to make jewelry, which is more than I had going 2 weeks ago.