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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stinky mess

My poor sister. Her sewer backed up into her basement last weekend. She had one company come out and tell her there was nothing wrong. So she ran water and more "stuff" came up. She had another company out and they sent a camera down and said she had a crushed pipe and that what she had was mostly mud (sure didn't smell like plain old mud) but they couldn't do the work, So she had another company come and they dug up her front yard to replace the pipe. Turned out here pipe was cast iron and not crushed. There were tree roots growing in the terra cotta pipe ubder the street. At first she was afraid they would have to dig up the street, but they put some root killing stuff down and reamed the pipe clean and they put a place to access the pipe from outside the house. It cost her over $6000.00. I went up after my doctor appointment and helped her clean up the leftover dried up sludge.

I saw the dietician and surgeon

Another update--I had my 3 month follow up with the dietician and my surgeon and I have been declared the poster child for bariatric surgery! My sister was upset because she was told that she was the poster child. I've lost a total of 64.5 pounds; 39 have been lost since surgery. I was on the "small" side for surgery, meaning that I just qualified, they were pleased because the average loss 3 months out is 40-60 pounds. My goal now is to lose 19.5 more pounds before I go back on May 22. My surgeon assured me that I will continue to lose. I thought I'd be in trouble for not journaling my food, but as long as I am where I am supposed to be I don't have to.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mother of the bride dresses.

Keep in mind the dresses are a bit tight because I bought 10's, figuring I'd be down at least 10 pounds by May 16. The first one is for the wedding. and cost $27.50. Ken is not the best picture taker, but there is some beading on the hem of the sleeve. The neckline is draped and the back drapes lower than the front. The second one is for the rehearsal dinner and was a real bargain at $15.00. The last one is because I thought I looked good in the dress. This was the expensive one at $60.00. I guess that was because it was an Evan Picone. BTW, that is my ankle bracelet part way up my leg. I guess I need to take it apart and shorten it. I must say that shopping for a dress to wear was depressing at first. There was nothing in the mall. I went to a local bridal shop and told her I didn't want anything extravagant and she showed me a black dress. A black dress for the mother of the bride??? She said he dress was simple, but elegant. It cost $630! I wasn't planning to spend over $200 and she said she had nothing. I went to a small bridal shop in town and they did have some samples. The one I like best was $215 (they said they'd "work" with me, bit it would need alterations. The only thing I might need to do is hem the underlayer of the top (it is a 2 piece dress) since it wants to peek out. I'm hoping that 10 pounds will take care of that. Even if it doesn't, I can do that myself.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here is a pic of my highest weight

This was taken 2 weeks before I started the program. my sister took pictures the day before my surgery, but they are still on her camera. By then I'd lost about 25 pounds, but I was still unhealthy.