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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stinky mess

My poor sister. Her sewer backed up into her basement last weekend. She had one company come out and tell her there was nothing wrong. So she ran water and more "stuff" came up. She had another company out and they sent a camera down and said she had a crushed pipe and that what she had was mostly mud (sure didn't smell like plain old mud) but they couldn't do the work, So she had another company come and they dug up her front yard to replace the pipe. Turned out here pipe was cast iron and not crushed. There were tree roots growing in the terra cotta pipe ubder the street. At first she was afraid they would have to dig up the street, but they put some root killing stuff down and reamed the pipe clean and they put a place to access the pipe from outside the house. It cost her over $6000.00. I went up after my doctor appointment and helped her clean up the leftover dried up sludge.

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