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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can't believe it has been over 2 months...

since I last posted. Summer school has come and gone and we already have 9 student days in for the new school year.

In early July my husband and I had a bit of a mishap on the scooter. I had a sprained wrist, a bruised shoulder, and road rash. He had bruising, road rash, and 5 broken ribs. We did manage to go on vacation to Atlanta to see family there. My uncle had back surgery in July and was having difficulty recovering and ended up having more surgery. He is no longer on pain meds, but all the surgery has taken a toll and recovery has been an uphill climb for both my aunt and uncle. He is doing a bit better, but has a ways to go. On the way home we stopped at Natural Bridge in Virginia. We go past all of these landmarks/historic sites every year and I keep saying that we are going to stop but we never did. Since we left Atlanta earlier than I would have liked since my husband was still have trouble finding a comfortable position for sleeping, I suggested we find someplace to stop and that is the place we decided upon. It was worth the time. We got some, but not as many pictures as I would have liked because I forgot to take the charger and spare battery for the camera.

This Tuesday is the annual picnic for my weight loss support group. Part of the program is Drop Your Drawers. Those who have lost weight come in a before outfit over their new clothing and then reveal their transformation. In a weak moment, I agreed to do this. I had to submit before and after photos. Here are the ones I submitted. The first one was 2 weeks before my first visit with the dietician. I don't remember the date of the second one. The third one was at my daughter's wedding on 5/16/09. The last 2 were taken on 8/30/09. Unfortunately I can't get them in the positions I want them in. Oh well.

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