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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A lot has happened since I last wrote

The wedding went quite well. There were a few glitches, but that was to be expected. The weather was good. even though rain was predicted it held off until the reception was over. Our son-in-law learned that he needs to leave a set of car keys home. They had to come home a day early because we couldn't move his car for street sweeping. We are still waiting for the proofs from the photographer. I hope they are online by the end of next week.

We had company from British Columbia for the wedding. While she was here we did some tourist things including Boyd's Bear Country. We also went out to eat almost every evening.

School is over for the summer, at least until summer school begins. I was pleased that I had all my work done and could leave as soon as we were dismissed. I do need to go in to water my plants though.

Becky's was in an accident on June 3. A woman up the street ran a stop sign at the end of the alley. Her car was totalled. I must say that Progressive, in spite of commercials I personally find annoying, gives good service. Their adjuster was here the day after and waited for her to come home to sign the title and he cut her a check at that time. the car was picked up the next day. Becky ended up buying a new car, a Pontiac G3. She is now in debt for 6 years. She had some problems since she had changed her name some places and not others. Keith's car needed over $1300 worht of work and his car was worth only $100. He bought a used car, a Pontiac Grand Am.

This past Monday and Tuesday I attended a 2 day conference for school. They were 2 long days, but I'll be glad come August and there will be 2 days I don't have to work. On Wednesday, someone Ken knows from his message board and her husband came for the day. We took them to Gettysburg and Hershey, even though the weather did not cooperate.

Tonight was support group for gastric bypass. My friend Linda rode with me. It was nice to have company for the ride. They had the body analyzer scale there. I had mine done and was pleased. Kathy did not go because her knee was giving her trouble.

We have had so much rain lately. Even so, we have managed to get some time on the scooter.

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